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We are empowering people’s careers by finding them the best ICT companies and jobs in Europe. All the selected companies provide an innovative culture for personal and professional development, a great working environment, and an opportunity to have a positive impact on the world!


Are you an IT specialist with at least 3 years of experience? If yes, we can offer you a job at the best European tech companies and start-ups. After finding the right position, our team helps you with all the paperwork needed to relocate you and your family.

This is a golden opportunity to work with new technologies, build your career in Europe and change the world like you always wanted to!

“Companies in Estonia are rather product oriented, which means that they are engaged in creating one particular product. I believe it’s the reason why so many IT specialists choose to work here.”

Käthe-Riin - HR/Recruiter, Starship Technologies

“There are many extraordinary companies in Estonia, I like that I have more independence and I receive direct feedback from users, hence, I’m able to execute my own ideas.”

“I wanted to work in a company with a spirited and innovation-minded culture with an awesome product to develop. Now I do!”

Oleksandr - Team Lead, TransferWise


Whether you are just exploring the possibilities or already made up your mind about working abroad – let us know by filling out the initial questionnaire. The more you write about yourself and your expectations, the better matches you will get. Our goal is to get to know you and help you make the best decisions. And don’t worry, we’ll be here for you every step of the way!

It will take about 15 minutes to answer 10 simple questions, which will help us understand your previous experience, motivation, and goals.

Then we can start analyzing your profile by your interest and wants. We will select and send you the initial batch of suitable job offers.

We’ll wait for your feedback and then we are ready to have an unofficial chat about the roles, companies, relocation, and everything else you need to know.

Now we can make a proper introduction to the company and make sure that you are the first priority in their pipeline.

You found the dream job? Great! We’ll start the process of relocation and give you all the needed information for a successful transfer.
You are most welcome to join our group of eXpactors, share your stories, and get support from other community members.

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