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We are doing the opposite as everybody else – representing candidates.

eXpact is not another recruiting agency. We are changing the way how people are hired in ICT industry.  

Eero is really passionate about personal development. He likes to believe that “The day we stop improving is the day we start dying”.

Empower people to achieve their true potential. We believe that everybody has a talent for something. Our mission is to find these strenghts and improve them, so people can thrive what they are good at.

Being the world leader in connecting employees and employers in the ICT industry.

Honesty – We look for long-term relationships that are based on honesty and mutual trust.

Passion – People who we work with love their jobs and like working at it. We offer opportunities to be successful what you are good at.

Responsibility – We take responsibility for our promises and actions, we expect the same from people we work with.

Innovation – We utilize latest technologies to offer exceptional service both to our partners and candidates.

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